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Naivasha is a town situated in the Rift Valley 93 Kilometres from Nairobi, the beautiful town is home to the Lake Naivasha and Hell’s Gate National Park. It’s an ideal destination for the explorer and adventure hearted tourist. Deep blue lakes, wealthy acacia forests, extinct volcanoes, waterfalls, enforcing towers, and bottomless gorges – you’ll be surprised on the variety and drama of the parks, lakes, and preserves surrounding Lake Naivasha. Here the birdlife is full, various, and consistent as is the parade of the natural world with over one hundred species of hunters and grazers. As befitting such a spread of landforms, you’ll discover extra sorts of safaris here than anywhere else on the planet…each one permitting you to enjoy a distinctive element of the wildlife! Take a water safari to get near the birdlife, then hike, bike, or maybe horseback journey beyond zebra, giraffe, and antelope. The opportunities, like the natural world, are limitless. The lake Naivasha vicinity is a constant presence of wonder, shade, and nature’s bounty. You’ll locate lots for all of us right here. The parks, preserves, lakes, and sights described below are all a brief force from each other.

About Lake Naivasha

This excessive-altitude, freshwater lake with its sterling blue waters hosts hippo and many other aquatic lifestyles.

You may take a water safari and enjoy the wealthy birdlife of cormorant and pelican while zebra and antelope graze close by on the shore.

The area is characterized by considerable acacia trees and flower farms awash with roses and carnations.

The lake additionally serves as a lifestyles-giving watering hole for buffalo, eland, impala, and waterbuck so be equipped for masses of energetic sports viewing. 

You might get lucky and encounter a leopard all through a game drive. The maximum well-known persona of the location changed into joy Adamson, naturalist and author of “born unfastened”, who lived right here at the lake’s seashores.

Things to do in Naivasha

Crescent Island Game Sanctuary

From Sanctuary Farm, you can cross the nearby causeway in this private game sanctuary. Crescent Island is a little gem of the park and not even visited like some people.

You can easily walk and picnic with the rich avian and grazing wildlife. Or, enjoy a walking king safari guided to see pelicans and cormorants onshore.

Additionally, will find buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, impulses, gazelles, and many more. There are more animals per acre here than in any other park in Kenya.

The area is not fenced, so the animals are free to roam between the sanctuary and the mainland as groups of buffalo tend to do. For the perfect finish of your day, head to the top of the hill with 360-degree views including Lake Naivasha and Hell Gate Park.

As the gold of sunset approaches after shining light on the grazing wildlife in the lake Naivasha, you cherish a perfect moment in Africa.

Hell’s Gate National Park

Also, a quick jaunt away is the dramatic cliffs, canyons, and unearthly steam vents of hell’s gate countrywide park.

Moreover,  you get many opportunities for hiking or even bike riding alongside the impala, eland, gazelle, baboon, and buffalo inhabiting the park.

Incredible columns of steam billow up from the springs and geysers here, and you could take a dip in Africa’s biggest natural mineral pool.

Very large predators are quite rare, so the park is secure and family-pleasant with its many guided trails.

You’ll have possibilities to view the uncommon bearded vulture and Verreaux’s eagle up close.

And if climbing is your thing, the volcanic cones of fisher’s an important tower are fun and handy climbs.

Eventually, at hell’s gate gorge view the rock formation that was the muse in the back of ‘pride rock’ from the film, “the lion king”.

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