Amboseli National Park

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Home of the African Elephants

Amboseli National Game Park is located along the south Eastern region in Kenya, bordering the Kenya and Tanzania. It is roughly 220 km from Nairobi city. The park sits on the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, hence has excellent views of the highest mountain in Africa. The Park spans over 300 Sq. Kilometres in the area and a larger ecosystem of about 3200 Sq. Kilometres.

The area is inhabited by the Masai community, hence boasts of the Rich Maasai culture. Visiting the Amboseli, you will find the masai pastoralists with their large herds of cows and sheep, patrolling the savanna in search of water and pasture for their cattle.

Wildlife in Amboseli

The Park is famed for its large elephant population. Moreover, it is renown for having the best close-up views of the African elephants. The Government has implemented various policies so as to stop the levels of poaching hence Amboseli has become an elephant conservation area.

Thanks to the conservation efforts with the help of the government of Kenya and the Kenya Wildlife Service, there has been a increase in the African elephant population.

Other than the herds of elephants, the ecosystem includes wildlife like lions, African leopards, cheetahs, spotted hyena, blue wildebeest, Masai giraffes, buffalo and impala just to name a few. The bird species in the park include, the African Jacana, Goliath Heron, Hartlaub’s bastard, Grey crane and many more.

The scenery in the Amboseli National Park is breathtaking. With stunning views of the Mount Kilimanjaro contrasting the beautiful forest and wildlife, it is truly an ideal location for a photography safari.

What activities are in the Amboseli National Park?

While in the Amboseli, you can participate in activities like; visiting the Masai Villages for a cultural tour. While in the Masai villages, you will get to participate in the Masai dances, drink their traditional bovine drinks and also visit the Masai Manyatta home that are made of cow dung and clay soil.

This is an ideal activity so as to learn more on the Kenyan Masai culture.

How Can I Access the Amboseli ?

You can access the Amboseli National Park in two major ways, via road or by air to the Amboseli Airstrip. We offer both Air and Road trip safaris to the Amboseli National Park ?

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