Lake Nakuru National Park

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a scenic wildlife haven

Lake Nakuru National park is a spectacular wildlife haven. Situated approximately 300 km from Nairobi and elevated at 5,755 ft above sea level. The Lake Nakuru sits on the basin of the Great Rift Valley and is home to the aquatic life and water supply to birds and wildlife in the Game Park.

The lake’s algae attract a large number of flamingoes alongside other rift valley lakes, hence giving the lake-shores a pink shade, it is truly a bird sanctuary in Kenya.

Lake Nakuru National Park Flamingos
pink flamingos in the horizons of the lake Nakuru

Wildlife & Birds

The Lake Nakuru National park has very favourable weather conditions throughout the year, and with constant water supply from the lake, it is needless to say that the wildlife ecosystem is thriving.

Some of the wildlife living here include; lions, cheetahs, water bucks, baboons, warthogs, African leopards, Rothschild giraffes. In the woodlands, there are the African pythons dangling in the forest tree branches.

The Park is also a rhino sanctuary, with the only few remaining black rhinos and the endangered white rhinos. on

The inside roads are well-maintained and simple to follow

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Best time to visit:

This is an all-year-round park. During wet season game viewing can be put on hold but that’s not necessarily the case at Lake Nakuru. The roads are well maintained and since the park is fenced the animals can’t disperse. The most popular time for quality game viewing is on the dry season from July to December

Things to do and see


Famous for its millions of fuchsia pink flamingos blanketing the shoreline. The birds are of two varieties – the greater and lesser flamingo. The lesser is the more numerous with their red bills and pink plumage. The greater variety is smaller in numbers with a distinctive black bill.


The views of the park, the rift valley on the far side, and therefore the life below are all richly enjoyed from the summit vantages of Lion Hill, Out of Africa Lookout, or Baboon cliff. Simply be careful with the baboons who are forever trying to find food scraps.

Makalia Falls

A fantastic waterfall at the south end of the park. This is a good spot for a picnic and hiking.