Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya.

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Where is the Masai Mara Located ?

Masai Mara is located in southern Kenya’s Great Rift Valley and borders Tanzania’s Serengeti plains. The Mara is just a few degrees south of the Equator 1°29′24″S 35°8′38″E and covers an area of 1,510 km2 (580 sq miles).

Masai Mara National reserve
Maasai Mara Game Reserve is located on the south western region in Kenya

The Game Reserve Highlights:

The Masai Mara is home to diverse wildlife and a thriving ecosystem thanks to its favourable climate and strict wildlife conservation policies. Some of the highlights while in the Masai Mara include:

  1. Big 5 Wildlife (Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, elephants etc)
  2. Flourishing flora and fauna ecosystem.
  3. Annual Wildebeest Migration Phenomenon (July to October)
  4. Amazing bird-life species
  5. Masai Culture
  6. The Scenic hot Air balloon safari.
  7. Airstrips (Keekorok Airstrip, Kichwa Tembo)

The Game Reserve

Established in 1961, the Masai Mara game reserve is one of Kenya’s most celebrated and probably strongest nature sanctuary in Africa.

The Reserve is dominated by open grassland, with a great distribution of rocky hills, thorny acacia forests, and savannah woodland as urged by the Nilotic name Mara, which means noticed.

The classic African savannah forms the middle of common safaris in Kenya. One will divide the Mara Reserve into 3 distinct parts.

  • The eastern sector runs from the Mara River and Talek Rivers southeast to the Ngama Hills.
  • The central sector lies north of their confluence between the 2 rivers.
  • The western sector is bound by the picturesque Oloololo escarpment and the Mara watercourse.

The Mara River is the only permanent rivers that flow through the Masai Mara Game Reserve. The river is dotted by hippos, fish, crocodile and a host of bird species.

Whereas among some of the trees, you might catch a glimpse of Leopard’s, Vervet monkey, alongside some birds’ species like the secretary bird, Eagles, vultures etc.

Wildebeest Migration

the great wildebeest migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara Game park
Wildebeest crossing the Mara River during the annual wildebeest migration

When is the Wildebeest Migration?
The wildebeest migration occurs between July and September of every year. During this period, the wildebeest migrate from the Serengeti National Park to the Masai Mara Game Reserve via the Mara River.

The wildebeests gather on the Mara River banks in their thousands. Finally, when one of the wildebeests plunges into the river, the other herds of wildebeest break into a stampede. With hundreds of crocodiles in the river waiting to pounce on their next meal, it is truly a sight to behold!

Approximately 5000 wildebeest, gazelles and zebras migrate annually from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara. During the migration, the wildebeest population declines due to hunting by preys like lions, crocodile and cheetahs.

However, the population increases during the calving season (January – March). We have a compiled a safari package that takes you on an 11 days Wildebeest calving adventure in Kenya and Tanzania.

When is the Best time to visit the Masai Mara?

Masai Mara Game Reserve is an all-year-round destination. You can visit the park at any time of the year, this is due to its reliable and stable climate that enables wildlife and vegetation to flourish.

Rainfall Patterns:

  1. During the months of December through January is the period of short rainfall in the Masai Mara. Whereas, during the periods
  2. As for the period of January to February is of little to no rains.
  3. While between April – June is when short rains occur.

Accommodations in the Masai Mara

The Masai Mara game reserve offers a wide range of selection when it comes to accommodation. There is a range of accommodation types from luxury lodges/camps to budget tented camps.

Here are some of the accommodation types and tented camps located within/around the Masai Mara conservancy:

  • Luxury hotels/tented camps: like Entim, Mara Serena, Sarova Mara, Ashnil, Tipilikwani
  • Mid-range hotels/tented camps: Enkorok Mara Camp, Mara Simba, Ilkeliani, Sekenani Camp, Azure Mara Haven.

What Activities are available in the Masai Mara?

  1. Game Drives

The park is one of Africa’s best Game Reserves. Game Drives in a Masai Mara are rich and full of wildlife.

The chances are very high that you are going to spot all the famous big 5 wildlife in the Masai Mara during the game drives. You can take advantage and book your spot in the 7 Days Samburu / Lake Nakuru / Masai Mara Safari that promises the best of Kenyan wildlife.

Whereas for the ultimate safari in Kenya & Tanzania, we highly recommend the 13 Days Kenya/Tanzania Scenic safari package that traverses the best of Kenya and Tanzania parks. With this safari, you will visit the Masai Mara, Amboseli National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Tarangire National Parks.

2. Hot Air Balloon Safari

Explore the early morning sunshine views and beauty of the Masai Mara Game Reserve from an aerial point of view. The hot-air balloon safari is a memorable adventure that can be reserved for only USD $450 extra while on your safari.

3. Masai Village visit/cultural visits

Visit these indigenous cultures, meet, and learn about their history. Witness how the Masai build their bomas and participate in the famous Masai cultural dances

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